Credit Administration, Participation Management, Education.


Pactola is a subsidiary of Midwest Business Solutions.  We are a Credit Union Service Organization that is dedicated to commercial and agricultural lending and serving multiple credit unions and banks throughout the United States with our services.  We help our partners increase their earning assets and profitability.  By doing so, we help them become a relevant financial force in their community increasing social good through helping businesses and farmers.  Our main operations are in the following areas:

  • Credit Administration Help:  We provide services to strengthen your business department such as:  underwriting, loan policy creation, document preparation, annual risk reviews, risk rating models, and department structure
  • Participation Management:  We underwrite, sell, and service large commercial and agricultural loans
  • Education:  We teach classes and seminars, write blogs, and provide one-on-one coaching to commercial and agricultural officers and managers
  • FarmerMac Loans We source and underwrite secondary marketed loans on agricultural land and facilities
  • SBA:  We are a Lender Service Provider (LSP) with the SBA providing underwriting and packaging services