PacPortal User Information:

The PacPortal contains confidential information. In order to keep this confidential information secure, participants should:


-          Under no circumstance share usernames and passwords with anyone, even within an institution or to an auditor
-          Notify Pactola immediately if there is thought to be a security breach or unauthorized usage
-          Notify Pactola immediately of any changes in personnel for which access needs to be added, changed, or removed on the Pactola Access Form

Use the downloadable Third Party Request Form to permit an auditor, examiner or other third party to be given his or her own unique username and password to access your Institution’s loan files. This access will be limited to the time period your Institution specifies.

In order to access the PacPortal and view the loan bundle, you must have the following minimum system requirements:

           Internet Explorer 10+, Google Chrome, or Firefox      &      PDF Reader

Submit the Pactola Access Form, the Third Party Request Form and any questions to