Introducing Trevor Plett

Hello, I am Trevor Plett, the new head of the Credit function at Midwest Business Solutions. I officially started working here in the middle of June 2013 and have found this to be a great opportunity and the next logical step in my career.

I came here from the Washington DC metro area, but I am a native South Dakotan that was born and raised right here in Rapid City, SD. In fact, my career in finance even started here in South Dakota with working as a bank examiner for the State of South Dakota.

My story of how I was born in Rapid City and returned as a professional in finance is full of several twists. My parents moved our family to Pierre, SD in the 1990s to work for the State government. I graduated high school there and attended college at Iowa State University. After graduating from ISU, I joined the Peace Corps where I worked as a business educator in the former Soviet country of Ukraine, which is also where I met my wife Natasha.

When my Peace Corps service ended, we decided to move to Pierre to be with my family. Working for the State government in Pierre is how I would start my career in finance as a bank examiner. Working for the State I gained strong fundamentals in banking and my wife started her career in computer programming there as well.

My time as a bank examiner took me to the largest and smallest banks throughout South Dakota. I was primarily a safety and soundness examiner, which means most of my time was focused on evaluating management decisions and assessing loan quality. A secondary role I played was checking for compliance with federal and State banking laws. To accredit my skills, the State would send me to FDIC training schools in Washington DC. There I earned credentials to be a Certified Operations Examiner and Certified Credit Examiner.

Seeking a position with less travel and wanting to expand my expertise, I sought a job in Washington D.C. I started working as a credit analyst for United Bank, which is a regional bank there with approximately $8.5 billion in assets. While working there I gained great insight into real estate lending as well as commercial and industrial lending. I also had a unique opportunity to work on lending requests from non-profits, local governments, and build expertise in tax credit finance.

Midwest Business Solutions was able to convince me to return to South Dakota for several reasons. For one, now I greatly appreciate the higher quality of life our region provides. But, I also see the need and understand the importance of cobbling together a strong local network of capital for small businesses in our community.

In addition to helping the CUSO fulfill its unique role in the community, it is a dream job to provide custom solutions for local institutions and local entrepreneurs. I enjoy the kind of job where I never know what to expect next. Here at the CUSO, each day throws a new interesting problem at me to solve and I don’t see myself getting bored here any time soon.  Trevor